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18 Minutes Of 2B Caring About 9S (DUB)

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2(B) More minutes of 2B caring about 9S

Adding stuff I forgot to put in the other video: Videos used: ...

Jealous 2B

9S gets called out by jealous 2B. NieR: Automata playstation

[Nier: Automata] Fun with 9S

I can't formulate an opinion on this game. It doesn't fit into any moulds. Fun doesn't really seem to do it justice. How about "I've ...


If you circle around the lost city enough on Chapter 4, you'll see 9S talk more about the old world.

9S WANTS TO **** 2B! - Nier Automata Funny Moments Part 20

Did it say what we ALL think it said? Probably not but it's funny to think about Drop a like on the video if you enjoyed And Want To ...

NieR: Automata | 9S Takes 2B’s Arm

Having regained consciousness next to a deactivated 2B model, 9S in a moment of sorrowful remembrance opts for tearing off ...

9S loses it

9 'take my waifu and i'll end your laifu' S.

NieR: Automata - 2B and 9S Scenes

A collection of the more important scenes between 2B and 9S.

9s ironic funny moments haha

automata spoilers obviously.

NieR:Automata™ The Memories of 2B - 9S (Part 55)

NieR: Automata tells the story of androids 2B, 9S and A2 and their battle to reclaim the machine-driven dystopia overrun by ...

【NieR: Automata】After Story | Comic Dub (Ending E Spoilers)

A future is not something given to you. It is something you take for yourself. A short story that illustrates that before these two ...

The Importance of Sex in NieR: Automata

An unfocused exploration on the role sexuality plays in NieR: Automata, a game made by a man who knows how to deliver a ...

9S & 2B | NieR: Automata (Emotional Moments)

Full Name Song : "Weight of the World/Nouveau-FR Version" OST 2B, 9S, A2, Soundtrack OST PS4 Version #2B #GMV #NIER ...

Nier: Automata - Funny Comics Part 8

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