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LEGO Racers Any% Speedrun - 39:54 [Former WR]

When I started running this game over 2 years ago, my PB was something like 52 minutes. Since the run was terrible, I thought ...

Lego speed champions race

Lego speed champions.

LEGO Racers - Intro

The intro video for the racing game Lego Racers made by High Voltage Software in 1999.

LEGO Racing Cars For Kids.

LEGO Car racing fun. Racing and Chasing fun for all. #Legocity Subscribe to the channel and click on for more Lego Fun.

Evolution of LEGO Racing Games 1997-2020

All LEGO racing games between 1997-2020 Evolution, Including all LEGO games with racing modes in it. List of all LEGO ...

LEGO Racers: Build, Customize, Race and Win!

Taking a look back at the first Lego racing game on the PC from back in 1999! Classic arcade-style kart racing with power-ups that ...

Lego Racers (PlayStation) Walkthrough

Well, here we are with the PS1 version of Lego Racers. I ran across this in a used game store the other day and saw there weren't ...

The Painful World of LEGO Games - Caddicarus

Today, Caddy takes a look at a massive load of LEGO games - from Lego Rockband to Lego Island 2, and Lego Racers to Lego ...

Lego Race . Speed Champions vs Police Car | Kids Cartoon | Cars For Kids

00:00 Lego race speed champions vs police сar 03:50 Lego Experimental Cars 08:30 LEGO Robbery and Police chase.

Lego Racers 2 (PC) Walkthrough (1/2)

All illegal download requests and/or links will be removed on the spot, no questions asked. I own the original CD and have zero ...

LEGO Racers - brutalmoose

By popular demand. | com/brutalmoose.

Lego Racers - lekker spelen


Lego Racers 1999 Playthrough

world1 - 7:33 world2 - 17:48 world3 - 29:07 world4 - 41:15 world5 - 50:40 world6 - 1:00:52 world7 - 1:12:52 Played and recorded ...

[Vinesauce] Joel - Lego Racers

Brick by br- Wait. Date streamed: 17 Oct , 2019 com/vinesauce ...

Lego Racers PS1 - Caddicarus

Lego Racers Review. Constructive criticism welcomed. (SEE WHAT I DID?!) BECOME MY PATRON!

LEGO Racers 1 - (PC) Walkthrough

Full gameplay from start to end. Sorry for bad resolution. :P (640x480)

Lego Racers 1 Character Voices (sound warning)

The choice of your racer's head determines the voice they get while playing. Every character has 6 lines for being hit, and 6 lines ...

Lego Racers (2000) - Playstation PS1 (PSX) Gameplay

Lego Racers is a Lego-themed racing video game developed by High Voltage Software and published by Lego Media. The game ...

Forgotten Games - LEGO Racers

Episode 1 - The first review in my new series called Forgotten Games. I think you know what review is next. Support me on ...