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NIER AUTOMATA: As Told By YoRHa 2B! | LORE In A Minute! | Kira Buckland | LORE

NIER AUTOMATA: As told by YoRHa 2B! | LORE in a Minute! | Kira Buckland | LORE

Transcript: Long ago, the Watchers attacked humanity. The human Caim and the dragon Angelus fought the Watcher Queen ...

NieR: Automata - Story Explanation and Analysis

Extra footage borrowed from BuffMaister. As the thumbnail suggests, NieR: Automata might be the most profound game I have ...

Nier: Automata - Story Summary

Nier: Automata - Story Summary (Obvious spoiler warning!) CC is available if you can't decipher my mumbling. My brain is mushy ...

What is YoRHa | NieR: Automata Lore Summary

A little Lore video i made about what YoRHa really is. I'm still finding out what the best Audio settings are! - Timestamps - 0:00 ...

107 Nier Automata Facts YOU Should Know! | The Leaderboard

Join The Leaderboard as we cut into gameplay tips, the development story and some random fun trivia for the NieR sequel in 107 ...

A Comprehensive Reading of Nier Automata [MASSIVE SPOILERS]

Nier Automata was The Architect's favourite game of last year. Not because of its gameplay, or even because of 2B's sexy thighs, ...

How NieR: Automata Tells the Ultimate Humanist Fable

A comprehensive analysis / critique / thematic deep-dive of NieR: Automata, one of the best games ever made. What is the ...

What happened in NieR: Automata? (RECAPitation)

An in-depth story summary of NieR: Automata explained in simple terms. Subscribe for more plot recaps of your favorite games!

The Meaning Behind Nier Automata Character Designs - 2B & YoRHa

2B is a fantastic character and a lot of this is to do with her design and costume. I thought her blindfold & outfit etc would be a good ...

Automata Ending Explanation and Meaning

This video is my best attempt at a NieR Automata ending explanation, as well as delving into the meaning behind the end.

Most Philosophical Game Ever? – The Philosophy of NieR: Automata – Wisecrack Edition

Welcome to this Wisecrack Edition on the Philosophy of NieR Automata! Check out our Movie Podcast - Show Me the Meaning!

The Second NieR + Automata Iceberg Explained

We're back at it again. We got some even more NieR iceberg facts that are guaranteed to make you scratch your chin. Anyways ...

An Overview of the NieR/Drakengard Series

A retrospective of the NieR and Drakengard series looking at each game individually. With the recent rerelease/remaster/remake ...

⭐ Nier, Drakengard, Automata ⭐Nier ⭐Lore and Story Explained - Soulsborne Podcast ⭐

In this podcast we Sit down with Cynder_Thief and discuss the connection, story and lore of Drakengard and Nier. TSC65.

NieR Automata Analysis - Clemps (PART 1)

Finally! Clemps begins his long journey looking into NieR Automata, in his Analysis / Story recap / Review. What a mouthful!

Language & Meaning in NieR: Automata's Music (Game Music Discussion)

NieR: Automata's music is a stroke of lyrical genius, but the way that music works with Automata's story and themes is even better!

Lore of NieR: Automata The Importance of Alien Extermination

I want to talk about the importance of the alien extermination in NieR: Automata. This would be a lore video about NieR: Automata.

The Importance of Sex in NieR: Automata

An unfocused exploration on the role sexuality plays in NieR: Automata, a game made by a man who knows how to deliver a ...

NieR: Automata | Truth About the Human Race

While 9S secured an escape route for 2B, he hacked into the machine network and discovered files related to Project Gestalt.